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Rohan Rao

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A Critic, A Catalyst

A catalyst helps the reactants to get the best out of them. It helps the give and take between them and contribute essentials to the reaction process. It enhances the reaction and significantly improves the resultant product. However, a catalyst doesn't… Read more

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Obviously, is it?

Economics professor to his class, "Next week you all will have a surprise test". Students made merry. The following week they indeed faced the test, albeit on marketing.  Do not assume the obvious, explore. Obviousness can be deceptive. Read more

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Life And The Bell Curve

The Bell curve is not limited to statistics and reports. It is applicable everywhere in life; the principle being anything that goes up will come down sequentially and gradually. In life, if we plot a curve as we grow from infancy through to the… Read more

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The Art Of Doing Nothing

We have lost the art of doing nothing. The art of being idle. Only in idleness can one think freely, unguided and non-directional. It is not to say that we don't think while at work. We definitely do, but it is confined by result oriented approach. It is… Read more

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