Alpine rock experiences in the High Sierras

Some early alpine lessons learnt in the Californian High Sierras, when really all I should have been doing was trying to boulder on plastics. Glad I did not heed to that line of though during those early days when I was still smitten by the long jagged ridges and rugged terrains in the alpine.

Some quick notes form the trip –

Venusian Blind Arete on Temple Crag (5.7, 1500 ft.) – I was just overall happy that we find the route, complete the climb and come back to the tents without resorting to the use of headlamps. The first couple of 100 feet of soloing on chossy 4th class terrain was involved.

Regular route on Fairview dome (5.9, 1000 ft.) – Slick granite cracks kicked my butt.

Cathedral peak (5.7, 1000 ft.) – Fun romp up a classic climb in spectacular setting.

Eichorn pinnacle (5.4) – Linked with Cathedral peak.

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