I live in Squamish, BC.

This site is primarily a collection of notes on my climbing and outdoor experiences, with frequent effusions on veganism, minimalism, sustainable living and the importance of slowing down in our lives.

I am a digital analytics professional and will occasionally spray my thoughts on these topics, and how it intersects and contradicts with some of my belief systems.

This site is still a work in progress, especially since I am also on a quest to de-Googleize myself. I am still collecting all the photos, blogs and trip logs and organizing them on this site. So some pages and posts will be sorted out over the next few iterations.


This site does not track you. There are no analytics scripts tracking you and this site doesn't require any JavaScript to function. Also, this site doesn't drop any cookie on you or try to track and follow you around the web.

However, since my photo gallery is self-hosted using Piwigo platform, it does drop a cookie on your system and may need JavaScript to be able to browse through the albums.

Climbing and mountaineering

I am an avid climber. I enjoy all disciplines of climbing - bouldering, sport, trad and alpine style. I also enjoy technical scrambles, long slogs, hiking and backpacking.

I am not a pro by any mean, but neither am I a noob in most climbing styles, except for pure waterfall ice and mixed climbing.

My roots are in sport climbing and bouldering, but have taken well to the demands of alpine rock.

And more recently, I am being increasingly drawn towards the allure of technical mountainteering and alpinism. Currently I am trying to cut my teeth on the granite domes and mountains around Squamish in my bid to prepare for some classic lines in the Canadian Rockies.


I am also a photography enthusiast, mostly inspired by wilderness landscape and street photography genres.

Having said that, I do realize that these two photographic choices sit at the opposite end of the spectrum - with landscape photography being slow, calibrated and an artistic pursuit placing extreme importance on the aethetics of the frame, street photography on the other hand is more a snapshot style and impromptu art focusing less on the aesthetics of the frame and more on the story behind it, much similar to any documentary pursuits.

I am also interested in timelapse, but the amount of time and efforts it takes to edit sitting behind the computer is not worth the opportunity cost of of climbing or just being outside for me personally.

Drawing videos

Recently, although I am not the principal artist behind this one, I have started supporting my wife's YouTube channel, The Art Zombie(external YouTube link). Her channel features timelapsed/fast-forwarded videos of her drawings - mostly portraits and occasionally some mandalas every now and then. Now these really are wonderful drawings in my opinion and I wish I could be that good.

About this website

This site is self-hosted on Vultr and Plesk. You may have noted that this site is fast, almost like browsing files on your own system. The reason being that this is a static website. I am using 11ty to generate the static pages. If you want to learn more about static websites and Jamstack, visit this link.

I am currently migrating all my old posts and images from a myriad of online sources on this site. I am also trying to go Google-free and currently moving my Photos archive on my gallery page. The contents of my blog and gallery will be updated as and when time permits, more frequently in batches.